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Accelerate Your Tech Career:

Do you want to take the tech world by storm? How about securing your financial future by securing high-paying tech jobs? If you answered YES, here is what you need to do:

Choose a Tech Program

Select from our specialized paths – AWS DevOps Engineer, Multi Cloud DevOps Engineer, or Cybersecurity Engineer – and dive into comprehensive training that equips you with the skills employer’s value.

AWS DevOps Engineer

Master Amazon Web Services (AWS) and become an unstoppable force in software development, infrastructure optimization, and process automation. Command top salaries and join the elite ranks of tech innovators!

Multi-Cloud DevOps Engineer

Dominate multiple cloud platforms and revolutionize businesses. Streamline operations, drive innovation, and secure your place as a tech dynamo. The future of the industry is in your hands!

Cyber Security Engineer

Become the Guardian of Digital Security. Learn how to protect organizations from digital threats and emerge as. a cybersecurity expert. Shield critical systems, assess vulnerabilities, and defend against malicious attacks.

Our Process & Services

At our DevOps bootcamp, we are committed to providing a transparent, supportive and enriching expirence for our students from the very first step of the admissions process until they successfully complete the program and launch their DevOps careers.

Applications And Assessment Process:

  • Fill out the Application Form: Prospective students are required to complete a detailed application form, providing information about their background, experience, and motivation for joining the bootcamp.

Admissions Interview and Support:

  • Interview with our Admissions Team: Shortlisted applicants will have a one-on-one interview with our admissions team. During this interview, we assess candidates' passion for DevOps, their willingness to learn, and their commitment to the program.
  • Personalized Support and Guidance: We offer continuous support throughout the application and interview process. Our admissions team is available to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for all applicants.

Final Assessment and Enrollment:

  • Pass the Final Assessment: After successful completion of the interview process, candidates will participate in a final assessment. This assessment evaluates their technical skills and problem-solving abilities related to DevOps practices.
  • Enrollment and Onboarding: Upon passing the final assessment, students are formally enrolled in the DevOps bootcamp. We provide a comprehensive onboarding process, offering access to our learning platform, course materials, and information about the program schedule.

Certification Preparation

We offer specialized courses that are available live and on-demand, designed to assist you in acquiring the necessary training for coveted certifications that are in high demand in the current market

Career Coaching and Resume Preparation

We go beyond technical training. Refine your job search strategies, craft compelling resumes, and prepare for interviews to get a competitive edge in the job market

Hands-On Projects to Develop Job-Ready Skills

Learn by doing. Our courses prioritize hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios. You'll gain practical experience and develop the skills that employers value most.

Personalized Support for Real Life Results

Receive one-on-one support and expert guidance every step of the way. We provide individualized attention whenever you need it.

Exclusive On-Demand Learning Resources

Access a wealth of additional on-demand lessons for extra learning and obtain additional certifications. Expand your tech knowledge and enhance your career prospects.

Embrace Continuous Extended Learning

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. We provide continued access even after graduation.

Limited Seats Available

Become a member of our exclusive community of tech enthusiasts. Join our upcoming batch starting on February 19th, 2024.

Secure Your Spot:

With limited seats available, enrolling right away guarantees your spot in the upcoming cohort. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exclusive learning experience and join a community of driven individuals on their DevOps Journey.

Early Access to Resources:

Enrolling early grants you early access to course materials, resources, and preparatory materials. Get a head start on your learning, explore the content, and be fully prepared to dive into the curriculum when the program begins.

And If You Are...

A Career Changer

who wants to pivot into the tech industry and learn tech skills

A Recent Graduate

who is ready to gain practical skills and find a dream tech job

A Tech Enthusiast

who is passionate about technology and hungry for success

NuTech Academy's Tech Bootcamp is your Ticket to Tech Success!

Our online bootcamp programs will fast-track your career and transform you into a highly sought-after tech professional. Prepare to conquer the industry with our cutting-edge courses and unlock a future brimming with endless possibilities.

Expert Instructors & Real-World Insights

Learn from industry-certified professionals with years of experience. Our trainers bring real-world insights, ensuring you gain practical knowledge and skills to excel in your career.

Gain Job-Ready Skills and Industry Edge

We emphasize hands-on learning with over 20+ projects. Develop the practical skills employers crave and set yourself apart in the competitive job market. Get ready to hit the ground running.

Flexible Schedule Delivering Real Results

Attend live classes four days a week, three hours per session. Seamlessly balance your learning with other commitments. Our practical approach ensures you acquire the skills that matter most!

Career Coaching

We provide our graduates with personalized career coaching to help them land the job of their dreams. Our team of experts will help guide you through the job search process, from resume building to interview preparation.

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